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Biblical Parenting Class
Tuesdays, Oct 13th - Nov 17th 2020

Greetings! I want you all to know about an important six week series on Biblical Parenting coming soon, online! I am sure all of us have or do struggle with how to parent. God gives us clear instruction in His Word the Bible, but sometimes understanding and applying it can seem daunting.

This class is for all of us who want to grow personally as parents and grow in our understanding and effectiveness. It will also be very beneficial for GRANDPARENTS who have the opportunity to share in children’s upbring. :>) In the class, we will look at topics like communication, authority and obedience, behavior, wisdom and foolishness, building relationships with our children and what it means to instruct to the heart which ultimately drives our lives.

I am asking everyone to order a copy (or download) of “Instructing a Child’s Heart” by Tedd and Margy Tripp. Here is a link at It is available in many formats. All things being equal I encourage you to get a hard copy so you can underline and write notes etc. but whatever format is best for you is fine.

Of course, you may find it through other sources. I will also be providing a supplemental resource/book list as there are a number of Biblical Resources that address many aspects of parenting.

If you are interested, please register through Planning Center. Ideally, it is best if BOTH parents attend and take part. I do ask that you faithfully set aside the six weeks and attend each week and do the assigned reading and “homework”. We grow by learning and putting Biblical instruction into practice. :>)

To Register, go to:

Thank you, and I look forward to growing together to be the parents and grandparents God calls us to be.

Pastor Ian Clark